Portrait of Julie Kidrowski

Meet Julie

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Julie Kidrowski and I’m the creative here at Kidrowski Creative.

Kidrowski Creative is the culmination of my professional experiences and personal interests. My goal is to help you meet your needs; whether that be gorgeous new portraits, memorable captures with your horse or helping you to kick-start the identity and website of your business dreams.

I’ve spent nearly the past 20 years working as a riding instructor in the horse industry with a photography and design side hustle for nearly half of those. My formal education includes degrees in Equestrian Science, Business Administration, Multi-Media Design along with a Masters of Equestrian Education.

Although I love working in the show horse industry and teaching horseback riding lessons, my career wasn’t getting me where I wanted to be. At the end of a long lesson day I’d find myself grabbing my camera or drafting up a design concept and hoping for more time to work on those projects.

I lived in vibrant downtown Kansas City, Missouri for nearly 15 years and am now in picturesque New London, Minnesota. When life circumstances changed in early 2019, I decided to take the huge leap into owning and operating my own business adventure officially establishing Kidrowski Creative!

I travel frequently and welcome photography sessions along the way. Feel free to drop me a note to see if I’ll be in your area anytime soon!

5 Fun Facts


Jules, Sota, Stretch and Baby Giggi are just a few of them!

2. I’d own as many pets as possible

I used to be owned by the world’s best Old English Sheepdog. After he passed it just hasn’t been quite the right time to bring a new puppy into my world. Don’t worry – I plan on remedying that very soon!

3. I have four older sisters

Being part of a family with five girls means lots of crazy times growing up and built-in friends as an adult!

4. I am crazy about horses

I’m sure you haven’t already figured that one out! Any breed, any discipline, any color. The Morgan horse has always come first in my book, but I wouldn’t mind a Friesian and/or Warmblood!

5. I’ve had a vision of my dream home since childhood

I dream of living in a remodeled barn, preferably made of stone, with several horses nearby!

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